Sunday, July 12, 2020

Profit for the few or the common good?

Tragedy of the Commons | Sustainable Environment Online

From "Meditations In An Emergency" by Asad Haider in the July, 2020 issue of The Baffler on page 6 :

THE WORLD, WE ARE TOLD, is in crisis. We hear of medical crisis, financial crisis, and crisis of leadership, suggesting that the scope of the term is almost unmanageably broad. Now these crises converge in the suspension of the everyday social order sparked by police violence and the uprisings against it. In these various converging crises, we are called upon to make decisions.

The thing to be understood is that these things are not "crises" in the sense of the unexpected or outside of human control. These crises have been human made right here in America. They are the result of deliberate and intentional policy crafted and implemented by and for the capitalistic ruling class for the purpose of financial profit. They are the consequence of the system which we all participate in most of us unconsciously.

Americans have be clear about their values. Do they prefer money and profit or the common welfare? As things are going, we can't have both.

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