Wednesday, February 16, 2022

The “Big Lie” and the end of democracy

George Packer writes in his article, Imagine The Worse, in the Jan/Feb. 2022 issue of The Atlantic, “If the end comes it will come through democracy itself.” p.18

Packer writes further, “We know what’s driving us toward this cataclysm: not simply Trump, but the Republican party.” p.18

Packer writes,Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers around the country have spent the year stacking state election offices with partisans who can be counted on to do Trump’s bidding next time. State legislatures have tried, in many cases successfully, to pass laws that will make it easier to manipulate or overturn election results and intimidate nonpartisan officials by criminalizing minor infractions. In state after state, Republicans have tried to make it harder for Americans, especially Democratic constituencies, to vote. This tireless campaign of legislation and disinformation has set in motion an irreversible process of electoral sabotage.” p.18

The basic idea is that voters will no longer choose the electors that will cast their ballots in congress for President but the state legislatures will. Packer writes, “The danger is that the express will of the American people could be overthrown.” p.20

There is no easy way to stop a major party that’s intent on destroying democracy. The demonic energy with which Trump repeats his lies, and Bannon harangues his audience, and Republican politicians around the country try to seize every lever of election machinery—this relentless drive for power by American authoritarians is the major threat that America confronts. The Constitution doesn’t have an answer. No help will come from Republican leaders; if Romney and Susan Collins are all that stand between the republic and its foes, we’re doomed. P20

The choice Americans face is between authoritarianism which the Republicans favor and democracy. Local elections and State elections matter. Are candidates supporters of the “Big Lie” or not? The answer matters for the future of our democracy. Find out the answer before you vote if you are allowed.

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