Thursday, December 1, 2022

Same Sex marriage has quadrupled in US over the last ten years


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  1. In my experience over the years of coaching marital relationships, including same sex relationships, there is much that is similar and much that is subtly different. I have found that with same-sex relationships the traditional societal definitions for each person’s role are not available. Helping a gay couple develop deep meaningful relationship is basically the same as the traditional man/woman relationship. Both relationships have in common many levels of expectation and experience that affect where is a couple of starting.

    The important thing is entering the coaching process assuming you don’t know, and are wanting to discover how each member of the relationship perceives their role in the relationship and their partner‘s role in the relationship. Often people have not really thought about what their expectations were, until they were not fulfilled. At that point, frustration and resentment can build overtime. Helping to create a safe environment in which each member of the relationship can feel safe exploring and sharing is of key importance.

    If in our coaching, we assume that we know these perceptions regarding the couple we’re working with, we will miss all the free information that comes from exploring deeply each person’s perspective.