Friday, August 16, 2019

U, S. ranks last among first world countries in family policies.

From New York Times article on 08/15/19 entitled, "Why The U.S. Has Long Resisted Universal Health Care by Claire Cain Miller.

Most Americans say it’s not ideal for a child to be raised by two working parents. Yet in two-thirds of American families, both parents work.
This disconnect between ideals and reality helps explain why the United States has been so resistant to universal public child care. Even as child care is setting up to be an issue in the presidential campaign, a more basic question has recently resurfaced: whether mothers should work in the first place.
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Editor's note:
It is hypocritical that Republicans favor pro-life and anti abortion laws forcing women to give birth but then do very little to help her raise her child. The Republican failure to provide day care assistance to working mothers is mean spirited. The U.S. ranks last among first world countries when it comes to family policies.

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