Sunday, December 29, 2019

Mass killings reached new high in U.S. in 2019

From 10 Things you need to know today by The Week, 12/29/19
Mass killings reached new high in U.S. in 2019
A database compiled by The Associated PressUSA Today, and Northeastern University showed that there were more mass killings in the United States in 2019 than any year dating back to the 1970s despite the country's overall homicide rate dropping. In total, there were 41 mass killings — which is defined as an event in which four or more people are killed — including 33 mass shootings. More than 210 people were killed as a result of the violence. While some of the killings resounded nationally, such as mass shootings in El Paso and Odessa, Texas; Dayton, Ohio; Virginia Beach, Virginia; and Jersey City, New Jersey, many of them flew under the radar and involved people who knew each other. [The Associated Press, The Guardian]
Editor's note:
The Republicans refuse to do anything about the gun problem in the U.S, and need to be voted out of office at all levels of government, local, state, federal. The biggest impediment to appropriate gun legislation, which the majority of Americans favor, is Mitch McConnel, the senator from Kentucky, who is the leader of the Senate of the United States. Before you vote, check on the voting record and policy positions of the candidates on gun issues.

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