Thursday, December 12, 2019

Republican congress people sell out to campign contributors and lobbyists

From What the Roman senate’s grovelling before emperors explains about GOP senators’ support for Trump December 10, 2019 8.55am EST by Timothy Joseph

Trump has appointed a number of acting secretaries, bypassing the usual Senate confirmation vote. He has circumvented Congress’ power of the purse by using emergency powers to get money to build his border wall. He has evaded the requirement for congressional approval of arms sales to foreign states, and vetoed Congress’ attempt to block the sales.
In June he asserted that he does not need congressional support for war against Iran – much less to withdraw troops from northern Syria, as he did unilaterally this fall.
While we may chalk up senatorial inaction – in the first or 21st century – to fear of an individual leader’s powers, there is another underlying factor that may align political figures from these two periods: The rise of an autocrat was personally good for them.
New York Times columnist Jamelle Bouie recently described this as the “simplest explanation” behind the motivations of many Republican lawmakers. He notes that their independence still emerges in, for example, opposition to the withdrawal from Syria.
But since Trump has pushed for policies long wanted by Republicans, such as lower taxes on the wealthy and minimal regulations, as well as a conservative judiciary, Bouie asks, “Why would any of them stand against a president who has delivered on each count?”
Editor's note: I added the bolding.
I have been wondering for sometime  how Republican congresspeople can be so disengenuous when it come's to supporting President Trump rather than the constitution and the welfare of the American People?
These Republican Congress people are beholden to their corporate donors who fund their election campaigns and support many of their congressional activities with the goals of decreasing taxes on corporations and the 1%, decreasing regulations put in place to protect the public from their mercenary products and services, and place conservative, pro business judges on the courts.
Republican congresspeople aren't afraid of their voters and constituents, they are afraid of their donors, and their donors are pro-Trump who has placed many of them into cabinet offices and in other roles as "special advisors."
Our U.S, democracy has been turned into a plutocracy run by and for the rich. If you want to understand the operation and functioning of our current government, follow the money.

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