Sunday, October 9, 2022

Book of the month, Fundamentals by Frank Wilczek, " Where’s your curiosity?

The spirit of their enterprise, and mine here, transcends specific dogmas, whether religious or antireligious. I like to state it this way: In studying how the world works, we are studying how God works, and thereby learning what God is. In that spirit, we can interpret the search for knowledge as a form of worship, and our discoveries as revelations.

Wilczek, Frank. Fundamentals (p. xiii). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition. 

Awesome. We seldom use that word anymore unless you are a teenager describing something teenagers used to call kewl.

Awesome it is, the universe, and when we dig in and deconstruct it it just gets awesomer and awesomer. How can you say you don’t believe in The Creator, Mother Nature, a Transcendent Source?

And so I hand it to Frank, the physicist, for sharing with us his world of awesomeness.

When people tell me they are bored I get the feeling something has gone terribly wrong. How could that possibly be? Look around you! Where’s your curiosity?

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