Thursday, October 6, 2022

Ideas worth considering - Do you care about the Neanderthals?

 How have you benefited from learning about the Neanderthals?

The subject line is being changed from "Blast From The Past" to "Ideas worth remembering."

Some of us read a lot of books. What are we after, quantity or quality? Reading can be entertaining and certainly takes up a lot of spare time. However, what did we learn from our reading that helps us grow as individuals and helps us better understand the world we are living in? Is what we read useful in any way?

I liked reading Kindred because I didn't know anything about the Neanderthals except that they existed at one time and were probably a link in the chain of evolution of homo sapiens. It was interesting to learn that some of us still have some Neanderthal DNA in us and we are a product biologically, socially, technologically of what they were composed of, experienced, and learned.

What do you remember and has stuck with you after reading and discussion Kindred?

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