Sunday, March 5, 2023

Changing hearts and minds about military conflict.

The ways in which protest influences policy are not always apparent. Movements can win even as they appear to lose. While the anti-war movement did not prevent the invasion of Iraq, it helped set the terms of the debate by insisting on UN approval for the use of force and by convincing key governments to refuse to participate, thereby shaping the war’s eventual outcome. The Bush administration was unable to win the larger struggle for hearts and minds at home and abroad. The White House lost the war politically before it ever began militarily. For more click here.

Editor’s note: America has always been a “can do” nation expecting fast if not immediate results. Election cycles are very short from 2 years in the House of Representatives, to 4 years as president, and 6 years as a senator. Therefore Americans have never been good at the long game.

Changing hearts and minds is a generational thing. It takes ten years at least and often the older generation has to die off before the new values, norms, attitudes, and beliefs become predominant.

The anti-military thought system has been slowly growing since Vietnam. Younger generations are against it to resolve international conflicts as there is a growing awareness that our mutual fate on planet Earth depends on resolving our conflicts in other than violent ways and that cooperation and collaboration are the path forward.

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